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Just Like That...

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

In the blink of an eye, 2018 is already over and we're getting ready to jump into 2019! Here's a quick recap of what went down this year.

Photo: Cedric De Rodot


The year started off in Hiroshima, Japan for the first stop of the UCI World Cup. This was my first time in Japan and I really enjoyed getting to check it out. On a very different FISE course than what we have ever had, I ended up getting a 5th place to get things going.


Next up was the iconic Montpellier stop of FISE (UCI World Cup), and the 20th anniversary of the contest being held there. Always a fun time in the small French town, I nailed my run and grabbed 2nd place with a perfect 540.


After France I flew straight to England (my first time there) to film a video project with Black and Decker/Extreme. I got to spend a few days at Rush Skatepark out in the country, and share a bit of my story about anxiety and how BMX has helped me. It was a really rewarding experience and England might be one of my new favorite countries!

Woodward East - Pennsylvania

Only a few days at home and then it was off to Woodward East for my first Mongoose Jam as a Team Captain. My team consisted of Gary Young and Brad Simms, as well as camper Kole Voelker and filmer Geo Jenkins. We spent a week filming for our video and exploring everything that the enormous campus had to offer. After that we stopped in North Carolina for a few days to ride Daniel Dher's facility, another first for me.

Woodward West Girls Week - California

Only a stone's throw from home, my next stop was Woodward West for their annual Girls Week. I love going for this because we are able to ride with so many other female shredders from all over! This week also happened to be a qualifier event for the Vans BMX Pro Cup in Huntington Beach. I ended up taking 1st and got my ticket to go to one of my favorite contests of the year! The day after qualifying I had the hardest crash of my life, flying off the side of a dirt jump onto my hip and back. After not being able to move for a few days, I started limping around, and was able to get back on the bike 10 days later in time for the next event.


Fresh off of my big crash, I headed to Edmonton for stop #3 of the UCI World Cup. With a change in venue for the first time in two years, we had a lot of fun at this stop, and after a few bobbles in finals, I ended up 6th.

X Games - Minneapolis

X Games is one of those events where the excitement never dies down and there is always something to see. It didn't hurt that we got to continue the party (flying straight from Edmonton) with all of the homies from around the world. The Women's Demo was a lot of fun (hopefully it will be a real contest next year!) and all the athletes killed it.

Huntington Beach

Arguably my favorite contest ever (probably cause it's literally on the beach?), the Vans BMX Pro Cup went down only an hour from my house in San Diego. It's always so much fun getting to ride the bowls that they create for this event, especially with a whole week of practices. To be honest I really felt sketchy up until finals day, where I somehow pulled off my run exactly how I wanted to. Everyone was riding so good I didn't know what to expect, so I was blown away when I came in 1st place and best trick, my best result to date, and the biggest prize purse as well!


A last minute decision, I hopped on a plane and headed to Malaga (my first time in Spain with my bike) for the final stop of the Vans BMX Pro Cup. I struggled to find my groove and ended up in 5th place, but had so much fun exploring Malaga.


The stop to rule them all! Chengdu, China for two weeks is always a daunting thought beforehand. It's a bit tough over there with unfamiliar foods, the inability to communicate without a translator and a very different culture. Yet that's what makes it so amazing. The best and most wild memories come from my time in China, riding scooters through the streets with my best friends from all over the world and trying BBQ'd scorpions. The first week in China I took 3rd at the last UCI World Cup, which put me in 3rd place overall for 2018. The following week we headed to another part of Chengdu where we rode the World Championships. Not my best result, ending with 6th, but a step up from crashing out of qualifying last year, and a great start for the Tokyo 2020 qualifying year.

North Carolina

A last minute contest, NC BMX Series hosted a smaller C1 event with UCI points up for grabs. I hopped over for 3 days expecting to ride a small outdoor park, but due to rain, we had a last minute move to Ryan Nyquist's legendary park, The Unit. Being that The Unit is closing in the next few weeks, it was a blessing in disguise to get to ride it before it is gone forever. A very challenging park with only 45 minutes to get used to it, but I was able to get 3rd place.

And That's It!

Home at last, I've been catching up on school, rest, and enjoying a bit of riding in between the once a year rains that happen in San Diego. The biggest year of my life has passed, with a lot of tough times, but equally as many amazing moments I will remember forever. Let's go 2019...

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