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Born in Nice, France to a Swiss father and American mother, Nikita was raised in California, while spending summers in Geneva.

Nikita played soccer for most of her younger years, but struggled with severe anxiety leaving her unable to leave her home.  When her mother told her she had to continue playing a sport, Nikita found BMX as a way to fulfill that rule, but also do it on her own time, and even in the driveway.  Thus, not having to leave her home.  Little did she know that BMX would soon take over every aspect of her life, and become the reason she would push through her fears one step at a time.

It started with anxiety-filled trips to the local skatepark.  All because the drive to learn was stronger than her fear.  Fast forward nine year later and Nikita now travels the world as one of the top female BMX riders.

With podiums at multiple world cups since 2016, 2nd at the 2022 World Championships, and an Olympic bronze medal at the first ever inclusion of the sport, Nikita is ready to jump back into training for Paris 2024!

Nikita is excited to show BMX on a worldwide stage as well as use her voice to help end the stigma around mental health.



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